Six Arguments for Unaccompanied Singing in Praise to God

arguments in favor of a cappella gospel singing

Six arguments in favor of unaccompanied singing in praise to God, along with a disclaimer urging those who discuss this issue to exercise wisdom and humility, "accepting one another without passing judgment on controversial issues."

Six Arguments for Unaccompanied Singing in Praise to God

This one-page summary provides six complementary arguments for sininging praise to God unaccompanied by musical instruments. The six arguments are:

• The Historical Argument
• The Synagogue vs. Temple Argument
• The Change of Covenants Argument
• The Authorization Argument
• The Practical Argument
• The Unity Argument

In addition to a short paragraph explaining each of these arguments, a disclaimer appears at the bottom urging all who would discuss this topic to exercise wisdom, humility, and love toward fellow believers who may have a different opinion. Your comments or feedback is welcome.

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