Learn the Greek Alphabet

Learn the Greek Alphabet

Have you always wanted to learn Greek but felt intimidated by its strangeness? The biggest hurdle is at the beginning, just learning the alphabet. Here is all you need to leap over that hurdle ahead of the pack!

The strangeness of the Greek alphabet is the first and largest hurdle to learning New Testament Greek. Now there is a fun and easy way to leap this hurdle: by singing! Structured after a popular text for introducing the Hebrew alphabet, this text has been used successful with many classes of beginning students of New Testament Greek. Includes both Erasmian and modern pronunciation. Familiar scriptures set to tunes help you practice your Greek by hearing, while associating the sights and sounds of each of the letters of the Greek alphabet, along with the seven vowel pairs (called "diphthongs"). Also includes a unique flowchart for accenting nouns, adjectives, and verbs correctly.

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