Can We Solve the 666 Puzzle?

Can We Solve the 666 Puzzle? A survey of solutions to 666 and a guide to solving the puzzle by applying carefully explained Bible interpretation principles.

45-page, in-depth discussion with color charts and illustrations, as well as gematria tables for Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. This is a scholarly work, yet easy to understand. Examines suggested solutions to 666, both ancient and modern, and show why a handful are more likely than all the others. Concludes with what we can know for sure about 666 and the spiritual power behind it.

What person lies behind the mysterious number 666 prophesied in Revelation 13:18? How certain can we be that our solution is right instead of the dozens of alternative solutions people have suggested over the centuries? Can We Solve the 666 Puzzle? addresses these significant questions and much more. Does 666 prophesy the pope, or Martin Luther, or maybe Bill Gates, or the UPC bar code? What principles of Bible interpretation help us to sort through the bewildering array of alternatives? What difference does it make which solution is the right one? Get solid answers to one of the most perplexing puzzles in the entire Bible. Excerpted from Overcoming. 45 pages. 1.05Mb

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