The Four Pillars of Christian Zionism: Is Unconditional Support of the State of Israel Our Christian Duty?

Critique of Christian Zionism

Critique of four basic tenets of Christian Zionism based on a careful analysis of the relevant passages from both Old and New Testaments. Also discusses the movement's justification of laying claim to all of the land for Israel and none for Palestine.

The Four Pillars of Christian Zionism: Will the whole house stand or fall? by Steve C. Singleton ©2014 Steve C. Singleton $3.95 in PDF (51 8-1/2 x 11 pages, 1.5 Mb)
  • Is support of the modern state of Israel a Christian duty?
  • Is God's land promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob still valid?
  • Will a new Jewish temple in Jerusalem be pivotal in the event surrounding the End Times predicted in the Bible?

This e-book will answer all of these questions and more, including a summary of the teachings of the Christian Zionism movement and a careful examination of the relevant biblical passages.

Carefully researched and clearly written, The Four Pillars of Christian Zionism provides a great introduction to this controversial topic, a well-reasoned critique of the movement, with 121 footnotes and bibliography of 96 sources.

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